What’s The Best E-Cig For Beginners?

It’s safe to say that even starter e-cigs are nowadays capable of delivering an excellent vape! The question is what kind of model to go for? The convenience of a good quality, easy to use cartridge based starter kit? Maybe you’d like a little more freedom and opt for a basic vape pen? Many new vapers are even nowadays picking up introductory level box style units. Well, we’re never going to moan about enjoying the freedom of choice, so let’s take a look at which is the best kind of e-cig for beginners.

Cartridge Based ‘Cig-a-Like’ Kits

While the whole world of vaping has massively advanced since this kind of device first hit the market ten years or so ago, these have arguably improved the most. Vaporisers are widely available, relatively cheap and best of all the kits are often superb value. Often kits will come complete with enough cartridges to last a long time, and they’re incredibly easy to use. When a cartridge runs dry, just click in a replacement.

These are especially popular with people who want to switch to vaping but with as little hassle as possible! There’s no need for any spare parts, fiddly refilling or replacing components. Plus nowadays they deliver a great quality vape that any former smoker will feel right at home with.

Introductory Vape Pens

Almost every newsagent in the country sells these alongside tobacco products – and perfectly good for a rock bottom cost ‘throwaway’ vape. They’re especially handy for people who like to have a handy casual vape, but if you head up the price range a little excellent quality vapes are available for as little as £20.

These will require occasional (every month or so) replacement of the clearomizer tank but these are very cheap and usually available in bulk. This hold the e-liquid and is usually replaced via a screw off mouthpiece then attached to the battery. Super light and besides needing the odd replacement part very handy indeed. Like any vape device, they will work with any e-liquid or CBD oil – there’s no need to buy the same juice from the same company who manufactured your pen.

Box Mods

Until recently the idea of starting off a vaping hobby with mods would have been bizarre – but these high power units are now available at rock bottom prices. Sure they may not have the phenomenal power of their more pricey big brothers, but they’re fantastic for providing a ‘home hookah pipe’!

They will use more e-liquid and may be a bit ‘airy’ for reformed smokers looking for a throat hit, but they’re worth considering especially if you’re getting off nicotine altogether but still crave those clouds.

Which To Choose?

Entirely up to you! If coming off smoking vape pens are likely the best overall choice as they allow for a wider range of flavors to be enjoyed compared to the cartridge based cig-a-likes. Yet they are more fiddly and a bit bigger (still very light though). Feeling ambitious – try a mod! Either way getting into vaping has never been better value for top quality products. Try it – you won’t regret it.