Top Quality Sheets For Your Bed

So you have bought a fabulous bed from a retailer like The Bed Market, and now you need new sheets. To ensure that their bedding is of the highest quality, consumers should pay close attention to fabric type and thread count when buying sheets. Nothing feels better than donning a pair of cozy pajamas, drinking a glass of warm milk and settling in to bed so that your body can be wrapped in…sheets that feel like sandpaper?

Huge retail chains like Argos and M$S dedicate entire sections of their stores to linens, which makes it very difficult for the average consumer to discern between sheets of quality and sheets of, well, sandpaper.

For starters, the softest sheets will be those made of 100% cotton. Cotton sheets, because they are made of natural fibers, allow for more air movement and do not trap the heat on top of those snuggled in for a good night’s rest. There are three main categories cotton falls into: 100% regular cotton, Pima cotton or Egyptian cotton. Of the three, Egyptian is known to be the most durable and the softest, however the other two feel wonderfully soft as well. The one and only drawback to all-cotton sheets is that when they come out of the dryer, they are very wrinkly and may need to be ironed, which is a small sacrifice for a huge gain in comfort. The all-natural fibers guarantee that your sheets will last you for years and not “pill” or wear thin like many of the lesser-quality sheets are prone to do. Avoid poly-cotton blend sheets, if possible. While these are less wrinkly and cheaper, they are not nearly as soft and long-lasting as the cotton sheets.

The next detail to watch for is the thread count. The thread count is the number of fibers per square inch in a piece of fabric; the more fibers, the softer and more durable the fabric is. Most sheets start at about a 200-thread count, while higher-end sheets can get up to a 1000-thread count. Of course, as thread count increases, so does the price, but the comfort level climbs with that as well.

Sheets come in many different styles and varieties of materials. Jersey knit sheets feel like t-shirts, there are sheets made out of Italian tree pulp and sheets with deep pockets for pillow-top mattresses. And then come the accessories: sheet suspenders to hold your sheets in place, linen spray and matching pillowcases! All in all, one trip to the linen department can be mind-boggling.