Loft Conversions – Get A Bigger Property Without Moving

Loft conversions are a great way to get a bigger property without the hassle of moving. Many types of loft conversion can be carried out on your home without the need for planning permission, so it is a relatively simple way to expand your living space.

Many people choose to have a loft conversion in order to make their home large enough to accommodate a growing family. With property prices increasing, purchasing a family sized property is out of the financial reach of many people, so loft conversions give homeowners the option of adding an extra room to their existing home.

Creating an extra bedroom for a child or other relative is a common use for loft conversions. Sometimes, couples choose to convert their attic space into a large loft bedroom with en suite for an away-from-it-all haven to escape the hustle and bustle of the rest of the house. Studies and office spaces are another popular use for a loft conversion. A loft creates a pleasant and quiet working environment away from the distractions of the family rooms.

Planning permission is only required if the extension alters or increases the roof space beyond the requirements of set limits and conditions. It is required, however, that a loft conversion meets the standards of Building Regulations with conditions, among others, that state that similar building materials must be used, no balconies can be constructed, and the extension must not extend beyond the highest part of the roof. If a property is located in an area of outstanding natural beauty or in a World Heritage Site, there can be no roof extensions at all.

There are several types of loft conversion including the popular Velux conversion which involves the addition of skylights to allow natural light into the loft space. Dormer extensions are also popular if a loft space is lacking in adequate roof height. A hip to gable conversion extends the end of the property and usually allows for easier stair access to the loft space, while a Mansard loft conversion is the best for maximising potential space, although it requires a lot more work and planning permission.