How Airsoft Can Keep You Fit

Most “airsoft” enthusiasts aspire at one point or another to become fit, although this role requires many qualities. If you are convinced that you can become a first-rate airsoft shooter, you must be ready to practice hard on the field. You must also acquire some knowledge to be able to fulfill your sniper missions while escaping your opponents and for that you can start by reading this article.

Know the skills you need to occupy this position

Start by using an “AEG” weapon (automated by battery-powered electric motors) for a while and if it suits you, get all the perfect sniper gear and possibly a high-performance weapon from a brand known that are mass produced are often of poor quality and even if a speed of 470 FPS (abbreviation of “Feet Per Second” which means “feet per second”) at the exit of the barrel is offered with 0.2 g beads, there is a strong risk that this power will degrade quickly to 400 FPS after only a few hundred shots.

Understand that marksmanship is not about shooting a lot of shots at opponents

As a sniper, you will probably be among the teammates who shoot the least opponents. You should also know that the role of sniper can be particularly boring for a shooter who lacks patience and looking for maximum action. The sniper must sometimes remain hidden hours under branches before a potential target appears in his field of vision. Intelligence gathering and sabotage should be your main activities in the field and your weapon should only be used if it does not jeopardize the mission assigned to you by your team leader.

Modify the configuration of your weapon according to your needs

For each weapon, there are many accessories and you should easily find a bipod or a rifle scope for your sniper rifle. You can even have hundreds of upgrade accessories for some rifle models.

  • Make a list of the upgrades you can do to improve the performance of your weapon
  • Consider the changes described below that are listed in order of importance

-It is very important to choose high quality beads. Select the heavier balls that can be propelled effectively by your weapon (depending on its power). The marks of Bioval, Maruzen, Madbull (les lourdes) and Goldenball are known for their quality.

-Improve the compression system components. Begin by testing the quality of the compression by placing a finger on the junction between the cylinder head and the air inlet to feel if air escapes there when you press the trigger. If so, add Teflon tape around the joint. You can also replace the piston or “hop up” seal (the system that gives the ball a rotational motion to lengthen its trajectory) by a brand name renowned for its quality. Some rings help seal the “hop up” seal on the end of the barrel inner tube to prevent air leakage.

-Replace the barrel inner tube originally supplied with a precision weapon model. You should do this upgrade first when it comes to increasing the power of the weapon. The brands Laylax, EDGI and PDI are considered the best.-If you significantly increase the power of your weapon, you must strengthen it by replacing the wrist bolts, all hardware and cylinders with more robust models.