Europe in Winter 

You haven’t really experienced the best of Europe unless you’ve visited this diverse continent while it is tightly wrapped in snow. This is the time of the year when there are only a handful of tourists; hence  it’s a great opportunity for you to finally take European vacation tours, and explore cities that might tickle your curiosity. You have all the time in the world to appreciate famous landmarks in cities like London, Paris, Amsterdam, Geneva, Stockholm, Budapest and the likes. Since it is winter you can also experience winter activities such as snowboarding, skiing, snow tubing and others. There are numerous things that Europe has in store for you even during the coldest time of the year.
Individuals who are naturally daredevils can definitely have a great time in the eastern part of France specifically in Chamonix. This is the haven of rad winter activities. You have the option of taking the challenge of showing off your skiing tricks all over the big white or ride the cable car and enjoy the breathtaking view of the Alps. Make sure to include Switzerland in your list as well since it is swarming with tons of ski resorts that you can take pleasure into. Sweden is also a great choice and it can give you an entirely different experience courtesy of its famous Ice Hotel and the Northern Lights. There are guided tours of Europe that offers this kind of winter wonderland specials. Doing a bit of research will land you on these fascinating places since there are discounted packages or amazing deals made available for your convenience.
Your option never runs out in having an awe-inspiring winter experience in Europe because there’s another way in which you can enjoy this continent. For a more relaxed and comfortable European tour tourists can go for a European river cruise. Experience holiday festivities like never before while you travel along the Main River from Frankfurt to Prague for days. Your cruise is not complete without visiting the famous Romantic Road and of course checking out the Christmas market located in the Old Town. Another excellent choice would be spending your winter vacation on the Danube as you enjoy the wonderful sights, sounds and tastes of what Vienna and Prague have to offer.
Visiting Europe during winter is without a doubt another great opportunity to those who are yearning for a memorable vacation. There are myriad fun, challenging and satisfying things to do in this season, of which people of all ages would approve. Wintertime in Europe will definitely give you good memories and an unforgettable experience.
Article sponsored by the lovely Cornwall hotel where we stayed in November 2016, the Race Horse Inn. See for more details.