Different Types of Fuel for Home Heating

To have a cosy home this winter, nothing provides superior home heating like stoves. The fuel is ecological and economical, the heat is warm and the look is attractive. If you have been looking for a stove to keep you warm, here is some types of fuel to choose from.


All wood burners are meant for heating to some extent, but these models are specifically made to expel heat. They are designed with a greater efficiency in mind so that they can produce the most heat energy with very little effort on behalf of the person using the fire. If you choose to burn wood you have choice between a wood stove, or UK supplied marble fireplaces.

Corn Stoves

These stoves are a very good way of providing an alternative heating system for businesses and homes. They are a good heat source for those who live in farming communities. They use corn as fuel and are among the only types of heating stoves that can burn almost everything. Fuels they can use include wood, soy beans, grass, lemon or orange seeds, rice, cherry pits and many other biomass wastes and products.


These stoves are easier to maintain and use and are a bit more efficient as compared to wood stoves. The fuel cost is less than oil, natural gas and propane. The pellets are made from waste products like waste from sawmill, biomass sources like corn, grass and nutshells. There is a steady control of burning fuel and high temperatures. They use convection heat through the heat exchanger rather than radiant heat that is produced from a wood stove. This means that this stove is cooler on the outside and therefore safe if you have toddlers.

Before settling on the type of heater to buy, always consider the type of fuel that suits your needs fully, the model of the heater, the time it will take before you understand how to use and the conditions that you will be using the heater in. Take a look at this link for more ideas: http://www.fireplaces4life.co.uk