Creating a Wall Mirror from Antique Window Frames

Collecting antique reproduction furniture creates a lovely warm cozy feeling to a room. To increase the light in rooms in older homes, decorators suggested adding some large wall mirrors. I find adding a mirror adds light by diffusing it from outside and from the interior lights as well. With a room full of antique furniture, finding just the right mirror may be difficult.

Some years ago, I discovered a great method for creating my own mirrors. I use old window frames that I find in antique shops and architectural surplus stores. After stripping off all of the old paint and fixing, any decayed wood issues I add a modern mirror plate and fix it to the back, secured with an additional strip of wood or special metal fittings. I always varnish or lacquer the wood before I start to add the glass. This saves time and mess later. If you are handy, this method creates a great small mirror for your walls.

In the case of a large window frame, it may be safer to have a carpenter excavate out space to inset the glass mirror directly into the back of the wood frame. Again, a backboard can then be added to secure the glass in place. Old picture frames or small drawers make great wall mirrors too. Adding mirrors gives your home a wonderful feeling of light and space.